Think what you want, I'm me and that's just something you'll have to put up with :)

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Getting my life back.

I will not be writing in this blog again. I've missed having a life.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

As promised :)

I'm uploading a few more pictures :) Figured I might as well draw rather than sit around and do nothing :P Ignore the bad photo quality, my scanner doesn't work anymore so I had to use my phone camera :P

<---- Me, Heather and Keiran :) Keiran's easy to draw 'cause you only ever see the bottom half of his face XD Heather I've known for years, we're really close. Keiran to be honest I hated till last year but now we're actually very good friends XD
This one's Alix and me, I mentioned her a couple of posts ago but if you can't be bothered to look back and find out what I said about her, here's the basic gist of it - She's my closest friend and we know absolutely everything about eachother and, she's moving :(
I hope these pictures have been much enjoyed, and apologies for the lack of colour, I just couldn't be bothered XD

A little note on school :)

You know what? School's not actually been all that bad, at the moment at least :P I s'pose a little sunshine and my math's teacher being stuck abroad improved things a lot :P XD


First off all, sorry, I think it's been a while since I've done some serious blogging. It probably hasn't been a while, it's just that one day seems to feel like forever to me so... Well anyway, I'm free to blog all day :) Because I am ill :(

Monday, 19 April 2010


What a fantastic end to the holidays, I had a really great day with my friends Catherine and Sophie :) As per usual, we spent a lot of our time at the ice-rink and finally, I perfected my 1 foot spin :D I'm pleased :) We then went back to Catherine's and spent forever in her garden, talking and messing about on her trampoline ("trab-bap-poline" :D Sounds so much cooler :L) Then we attempted to hulahoop all the way to Tesco. It didn't work. :L
Still not really looking forward to school all that much... Couldn't we just skip straight through to the summer holidays? Everyone knows they're the best ;)

Sunday, 18 April 2010


Aww man, school on Tuesday :( I'll see all my school friends though, always an upside, right? :) I'll look forward to that part of it, even if I'm not looking forward to being screamed at due to my lack of coursework :P

Coursework v.s Blogging

Blogging wins ;)