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Thursday, 22 April 2010

As promised :)

I'm uploading a few more pictures :) Figured I might as well draw rather than sit around and do nothing :P Ignore the bad photo quality, my scanner doesn't work anymore so I had to use my phone camera :P

<---- Me, Heather and Keiran :) Keiran's easy to draw 'cause you only ever see the bottom half of his face XD Heather I've known for years, we're really close. Keiran to be honest I hated till last year but now we're actually very good friends XD
This one's Alix and me, I mentioned her a couple of posts ago but if you can't be bothered to look back and find out what I said about her, here's the basic gist of it - She's my closest friend and we know absolutely everything about eachother and, she's moving :(
I hope these pictures have been much enjoyed, and apologies for the lack of colour, I just couldn't be bothered XD

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  1. Its nice to see 4 posts from you. All of them were very nice :)

    As for your drawings, even after theyve been ruined by your cellphone camera, theyre way better than mine will ever be.
    Once, i was drawing a friend of mine, and she came and said, "Youre a good artist! I really like how you drew the frog." ............../

    sorry about your friend. youll still be best friends thou.

    try typing on an oncreen keyboard, took me well over 10 mins/