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Tuesday, 13 April 2010


You know, I met someone really lovely today :) And because of him, my day was also lovely :) So I'm quite grateful ♥ I hope I see him again soon...

Also, yay for another follower!! Thank you AS/DF for reading my blog :) Though just so everyone knows, I will as of now not be blogging till Saturday (Boo!) as I'm staying with my best friend (Yay!) Haha, I miss my blog already :L I hope anyone who bothers reading this has an amazing week :) Cya Saturday ♥


  1. love the title

    glad you found a flower today.

    see you in 4 days,

  2. Its really nice when you meet someone like that. there dont seem to be that many people like that around at the moment. and cant wait to see what you write errrr tomorrow. have a great time XD