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Monday, 19 April 2010


What a fantastic end to the holidays, I had a really great day with my friends Catherine and Sophie :) As per usual, we spent a lot of our time at the ice-rink and finally, I perfected my 1 foot spin :D I'm pleased :) We then went back to Catherine's and spent forever in her garden, talking and messing about on her trampoline ("trab-bap-poline" :D Sounds so much cooler :L) Then we attempted to hulahoop all the way to Tesco. It didn't work. :L
Still not really looking forward to school all that much... Couldn't we just skip straight through to the summer holidays? Everyone knows they're the best ;)

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  1. Sounds like you had a really good day. wish i could do that that would be so cool. but i cant all i can do really is a 180 and the start to skate backwards. and thats such a cool way to trampoline i think i will do that from now on and a genius idea with the hulahoops. btw do you mind me asking if you like in the UK? you dont have to answer just well i thought you could only get tescos in the UK and well i saw that you said you like the king blues. well they are english and not meany people at my school seem to knwo them like 2 other people and thats it :S but yeah like i said if you dont want to dont answer the question was jw